What we do

Be a Liberal Party ‘insider’

After an election loss, a party – and a riding association – usually need a time to reflect on what happened. There is a general consensus that the 2018 election wasn’t a failure by the Liberal candidates or the riding association campaigns. That feeling is shared by people who are our traditional Liberal supporters; by people who sometimes support us; and by our opponents as well. People tell us they were happy with their MPPs, and liked what the government had done. Liberal members and Liberal supporters alike are conclusive and emphatic that what voters rejected was the party leader.

The Ontario Liberal Party chose Steven Del Duca as Leader at a convention in March, 2020. Our Candidate in the next Ontario election will be Jill Promoli.

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As our Riding Association has done after every election, it is time to reach out to those who came to help us, and to those who are interested in stepping forward as Liberals for the first time. It is time to rebuild and refocus for the next campaign rather than the last one.

What skills and interests are we looking for?

What do Liberals do between elections? We re-connect with fellow Liberals from other ridings at quarterly functions from the Ontario Liberal Party. We meet and look ahead on how to retain, attract and enhance the volunteer lives of people who look into a mirror and see someone interested in how government happens looking back at them. Here is what a Riding Association does between elections:

  • Raise money to pay the ongoing bills that sustain the Riding Association each year, and save up for the expense of the 2022 Ontario general election;
  • Stay in touch with the people who helped us in our past campaigns, build our Liberal Party membership base, and work to earn the volunteer assistance of others interested in becoming card-carrying members and helping us leading up to, during and beyond the 2022 Ontario election;
  • Find new people and new ideas and take our best ideas directly to the Ontario Liberal Party. Help our people grow their community contacts and enhance their portfolio of skills and experience;
  • Have some fun. We remember that the second word in ‘Liberal Party’ is indeed party;
  • Reach out to our western Mississauga community to build awareness and support.

That means our people get hands-on experience in marketing, communications, fund-raising and planning. Practice is gained through repetition. What may seem daunting at first becomes second-nature the more often you do it.

Your Expertise How You can Help
Accounting, finance, banking Fund-raising, record-keeping and helping our Mississauga-Streetsville Riding Treasurer ensure our riding records remain the best-kept in Ontario.
Working with your hands, managing a team. Consider being our election sign chair. We need an organized individual to volunteer with us from late April until mid-June of 2022, and set up a team to get our lawn signs organized, installed, managed and removed after the election.
Sales, marketing, public relations Helping us move our riding fund-raising up a notch. Read this page on this website. Fund-raising is one of the Riding Association’s two core activities, along with membership recruitment and retention.
Writing, public relations, event management Outreach to our existing Liberal Party members, and to those who would like to become more politically active. Help create and manage the Riding Association’s existing communications assets: this website; the Riding Association’s Facebook Page; and other means of outreach. Plan and coordinate events aimed at existing members, community discussions, donors and other audiences.
Customer service, social-skills expertise Help renew and develop the Riding Association’s membership base. Assist our members to get their memberships renewed. Help enhance our members’ access to the resources from the party. Help organize and coordinate issue-specific briefings. Help us do a better job with open-source web communication tools.

Attend Liberal Party events

Throughout the calendar year, the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) holds party-wide gatherings: its Annual General Meeting, and party-wide gatherings called Provincial Council. They are held in locations across Ontario. Your delegate fees and travel expenses largely come back to you in the form of year-end tax credits.

Be part of the Mississauga-Streetsville team. Join the Ontario Liberal Party. Call us at (905) 542-3725 if you are interested.

How do you know this is right for you?

You try it. Come to a meeting once you can meet safely again. Send your thoughts to us. Meet your fellow Mississauga-Streetsville Liberals. Learn our shared agenda. Give us a little of your time. Like clothing, you get out of it what you put into it. Building the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association means meeting and working with interesting people, and doing important work. It lights up your life experiences in a vital and important way that nothing else ever will.

We need you if you are willing to try and meet new people; take something unstructured, and organize it; if you’re interested in overcoming a natural reluctance to to approach new people. Your neighbours who call themselves ‘Liberals’ are nice people. More than likely, if you’ve read this web page this far, you will like the people, and they will like you. Check the contact points at right. Give us a call, or send us an e-mail.