Tax Receipts

About your 2019 contribution tax receipt

Since 2016, all Ontario political contribution tax receipts have been issued by the central party rather than the individual Riding Associations. Accordingly, you should have received your receipts for income tax filings from the Ontario Liberal Party. If you made a contribution, either in a lump sum or by the monthly ABC Plan, you should expect to see your 2019 tax receipt sometime after mid-February. It will normally come by e-mail. Watch to be sure your tax receipt isn’t accidentally deposited in your Junk Mail folder by an overzealous spam filter.

As happens every year, some people don’t get a political contribution income tax receipt. The overwhelmingly most common reason is an incorrect or missing e-mail address. Income tax receipts are now normally sent by e-mail. If you don’t have a receipt for a donation made to the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association, here is where to start:

  1. Check your e-mail Inbox, and look for an e-mail from the Ontario Liberal Party dated near the end of February. Your Income Tax Receipt is attached as a PDF document. If you find it, you’re ready to file it with your 2019 income tax return;
  2. Call the Ontario Liberal Party at (416) 961-3800. Listen to the telephone prompts and enter the extension for tax receipts. The OLP staff have been prompt and efficient at finding donations, and forwarding tax receipts. Last year, the principal reason for missing tax receipts has been an out-of-date, incorrect or missing e-mail address;
  3. Contact the Riding Association at (905) 542-3725. Please complete steps 1 and 2 above first. We can ask the OLP staff about your donation, but they cannot send you a copy of your tax receipt on our say-so alone. So far, we have helped to resolve all the missing tax receipt issues brought to our attention.

Thank you all again for your generous donations throughout the 2019 calendar year.