Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017

Warm New Year wishes to our neighbours

t’s the time of year to give thanks for our blessings, great and small. The smallest blessings tend to be the most important: family and friends; health and peace; a chance to make a living and a life in a prosperous corner of the planet we call Ontario.

Bob Delaney's 2016 Christmas card photo

Happy New Year! We took our 2016 Christmas card picture in October in our back yard gazebo.

Andrea and I – and indeed our cats, Merlin and Bébé – extend our warmest wishes at Christmas time to one and all in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville. Whatever the problems of the past, and the challenges of the future, Christmas is a time for living in the here and now. Christmas carols, classic old movies, cards and turkey dinner, the holiday family legends, the anticipation of Christmas morning, and the gifts we give and receive, however small: these are part of what makes the Christmas season special.

As one who was single a long time, through living in four cities in three provinces, I have always been sensitive to helping people avoid being alone on Christmas Day. Remember to reach out to friends and acquaintances whose day would be special if only they spent some of it with you.

Thank you to all our Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association members, and to all our friends and supporters who have worked with us through more than 13 years, and four successful elections. It remains a pleasure, a privilege, and the career opportunity of my working life to represent our neighbourhoods at Queen’s Park, and to work on the projects that make a difference to us in western Mississauga. This coming spring, one of the projects on which I have worked, literally since the week after my first election, comes to fruition with the opening of three new centres for ErinoakKids: the headquarters in Mississauga, and new, state-of-the-art facilities in Brampton and Oakville as well.

Come for a New Year skate

During the autumn and winter, we host free family skates. In December, we all got out for some exercise at Meadowvale. On January 15, it was time for our annual New Year family skate at Vic Johnston Arena in Streetsville.

Sharpen your skates. Don’t want to spend all Sunday watching TV? Come for a free skate at Vic Johnston Arena with Mississauga-Streetsville MPP Bob Delaney. Free coffee and hot chocolate. Bring a donation for the Eden Food Bank, and brighten up the start of someone’s new year.

Please circle the date: Sunday January 15, 2017, at Vic Johnston Arena in Streetsville from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information:

Bring a donation of non-perishable food for the Eden Community Food Bank, and come out for some exercise. Brush up on your skating, and have a chat with me on the rink. Happy New Year, and all the best for Canada’s – and Ontario’s – 150th anniversary of Confederation.

New web site!

Notice the new look and feel of the Riding Association web site?

Back in 1998, our Riding Association was one of the first in Canada to have its own web site and domain name. I did that one on Microsoft FrontPage. Shortly after my election in 2003, I upgraded it to a second generation web site. FrontPage software was old technology, and I used Microsoft’s new .Net technology and adopted a much-improved user interface. That web site saw us through the 2007 election and up to the threshold of the 2011 election.

At Easter of 2011, I put into practice what I had been reading about in my programming books, and designed a much-improved user interface. By the end of Easter week, it was up and running. My design was robust enough to see us through the 2011 and 2014 elections. But that third-version web site did not scale well into tablets and handheld (i.e. phone-based) browsers, which by 2013, accounted for more than half the views of web sites. It was time for a fourth version of the Riding Association web site.

This new website uses a piece of web software that is far and away the most widely used web site content management system on the world-wide web. It is called WordPress. The hard part was to make a piece of software that I did not write do the things I managed to make the last version (that I did write) do. There is still content to add, and functionality to implement. It is coming along fairly well. Christmas time and July are my annual time to brush up on my web developent skills.

The new site allows much easier use of pictures than the old site. It also allows Riding Association members to comment on posts, something the last version did not, largely because I did not know how to program that capability. It lets you stay advised of Ontario Liberal events and news. E-mail me if you’d like to have your name added to our distribution list. We need your first name; last name; and e-mail address. As our Riding Association manages all e-mails, occasional really does mean occasional, and not incessant. As well, we neithe share nor transfer any information about you to anyone else.

Explore the new web site. Please send along any suggestions, and add yourself to our keep advised list.