Federal Liberals win

Congrats to re-elected MP Gagan Sikand

Our federal Liberal counterparts all across Mississauga and Brampton showed that a progressive and responsible policy agenda continues to resonate with voters. All Mississauga and Brampton Liberal federal Liberal incumbents and candidates were re-elected, including Member of Parliament Gagan Sikand in Mississauga-Streetsville, and Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid in Mississauga Erin Mills.

The Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association permanent telephone number of (905) 542-3725, which translates into (905) LIBERAL on a telephone key pad, once again redirects to the provincial Liberals. It continues to be, the permanent telephone number of the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Riding Association, and of the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal election campaign.

  • Please phone former Mississauga-Streetsville Member of Provincial Parliament Bob Delaney at (905) 542-3725 to get involved with the Ontario Liberal Party in Mississauga-Streetsville.

We thank our volunteers who worked on the successful campaigns to re-elect our federal cousins: Gagan Sikand in Mississauga-Streetsville and Ikra Khalid in Mississauga Erin Mills in this very important federal election.