Stuff we need

Your extra stuff = our essentials

What’s taking up space in your basement, your garage, your office or your storage area?  It could be exactly what we need to equip our Campaign Office and our people as we wage our 2018 election campaign in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.

Our Campaign Office is in Meadowvale. Click or touch here for location and contact details. Please phone first before visiting during April.

Click or touch here for a list of what our election campaign normally uses.

  • If you have furniture or equipment we need, and would like to lend it to us, we’ll take good care of it, tag it as yours, and return it right after the election;
  • If what we need is something you can give to us, and its value is measurable, we will give you a tax receipt, valid for your 2018 income tax return next year. It is based on the fair-and-reasonable value of what we use or borrow from you.

Perhaps you have a working fridge you’d like to see the end of. We need one. Often, people give it to us on the condition that it be recycled after the election, and we pick it up from you. And if you want it back, it will be returned right after the election in clean condition.

For information, call Campaign Manager Tom Lewis at (905) 542-3725 That is (905) LIBERAL on a telephone keypad.