Staying together

The immediate and the important

So many of you worked so tirelessly during May and June on our 2018 election campaign. We have not forgotten that effort. We do want for us all to get together to celebrate our 15 years of building together in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.

That’s important.

What’s immediate has been our requirement to empty out our offices: not just the Campaign Office, but the Constituency Office and our office in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Work began the day after the election, and is now almost complete. There are other administrative details to wind up our final term as the local MPP.

We all need to get together once the last of the metaphorical election dust has settled, and our team and I would like to pleasure of thanking you. All of you.

The fifteen fascinating and productive years, and four terms in government, during which we all transformed our community, and built things we will all use for many decades to come, could not have happened had not so many people not made their contribution between 1999 and 2018.

Keep an eye on this space. See everyone shortly.

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