Sign Removal

Our lawn signs should all be removed now

As of Sunday evening June 10, we believe our lawn sign removal patrols have taken down both the large coroplast signs, and the small lawn signs. If your sign is still on your lawn by Sunday evening, or you know where more of our election campaign signs are, here is what you can do:

  • Please e-mail us the location of the sign(s), and we will schedule removal as quickly as we can, or;
  • If you wish to be helpful, please remove whatever Bob Delaney lawn signs you see in your neighbourhood, keep them at your home, and e-mail us to come and collect them;
  • If it is a large coroplast sign, feel free to keep the wooden stakes for planting or garden work, fold up and recycle the sign with your other recyclables, or;
  • If it is a small lawn sign, remove the plastic ploybag part of the sign, and recycle it with your plastic, and either recycle or reuse the metal frame as you choose.

For more information, please call our Election Campaign line at (905) 542-3725, more easily remembered as (905) LIBERAL.

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