PC Job Cuts

Making Hudak’s 50,000 lost jobs look soft

The hoary old Ontario PC “efficiencies” slogans sound so enticing. “Anyone can cut four cents on the dollar.” Sounds a lot like another bombastic serial liar who said, “Trade wars are easy to win.” Do you know what “four cents on the dollar” means to the Ontario budget? $6.4 billion in cuts.

Roughly 85 percent of public sector spending (anywhere) consists of wages and benefits. That means about $5.1 billion of firings.

How many people is that? Figure 90 percent of the total cuts will come from rank-and-file workers whose salary and benefits package averages $75,000 per person, and the remaining ten percent from management at an average of $150,000 in wages and benefits per person.

That means the Tories plan to torch the careers of 82,300 rank-and-file public sector workers, and about 10,700 management workers.

  • That works out to about 14,000 rank-and-file government employees in Mississauga alone in the PC Party firing line;
  • Just more than 700 Mississauga families with the principal winner is an Ontario public sector manager would lose their household’s main source of income.

In Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville alone (i.e. the riding of Mississauga-Streetsville) that would average out to about 2,750 rank-and-file of your neighbours who are government workers, and about 140 Ontario public sector managers let go by casting a PC Party vote. That’s just for openers.

That’s what supporting the Ontario PC Party costs a community. That’s not even counting the health care and public transit infrastructure projects cancelled to give the wealthy even more money in mindless tax cuts.

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