Ontario Economy

Balanced budget for a strong Ontario

In mid-April, the Ontario PC Party proposed an Opposition Day motion (which was decisively defeated) on the debt that Ontario incurred while rebuilding the Province’s essential infrastructure in the years since the recession began. I spoke about the Ontario economy, and the moves that the Province has made to grow its GDP, and reduce the proportion of our GDP that is net debt.

The Ontario Budget for 2017-18 proposed full pharmacare for all OHIP-eligible Ontarians age 24 and under. See the Party Comparison web page to view how the three parties stack up on pharmacare.

Ontario is well on its way to being the Great Lakes Basin’s first trillion-dollar economy. Ontario’s current net debt to GDP ratio is lower than it was on the last day of the last government’s watch, and has been falling for years. Ontario’s budget is back in balance, right on schedule. Here is what I said about the Ontario economy.