New MPP role

From Energy to Infrastructure

Your MPP has a new role in the government, as of October 19, 2017.

With the completion of the Fair Hydro Act, I’ve moved from the Ministry of Energy to the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure. It makes sense. I have known about the impending move for some time. There are some pressing issues with which to deal in Infrastructure within Ontario.

The move re-unites me with an old friend, Bob Chiarelli, with whom I worked in Energy for three successful years. I’ve quipped to my colleagues that I may be the only MPP who has served in our Ministry of Energy who is sorry to leave!

I loved the Energy file, thoroughly enjoyed working with the issues and the energy community (some of which relates to our infrastructure in Ontario and will continue anyway), and brought my education and work background in the sector to my Energy role.

I will be succeeded in Energy by Ottawa area MPP Nathalie Desrosiers. Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault did an outstanding job during his 2017 visit to Estimates Committee. Kudos to him for bringing along key experts in the sector, and showcasing their insight to deal with technical queries. Glenn has done a great job with the Fair Hydro Act, which has lowered electricity bills, and made the basis on which electricity charges are calculated more fair and equitable.