Make a difference: be a Liberal!

Membership makes a difference. Membership is about real leadership in Ontario. The things you believe in, the values you hold dear, and the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the western Mississauga community we proudly call home are embodied in how about 50,000 people use a simple instrument: a vote. The year 2014 was an election year. It was through the time and donations of committed members that Ontario Liberals earned a new majority mandate for the third time since 2003.

  • Political parties are not about “them.” Our political institutions are comprised of “us.” Everyone who works on our elections, and builds the body of values, commitments and goals we call a campaign platform is a volunteer.
  • Together, we shape Ontario. Together, we keep Ontario the most blessed place in the most privileged country on earth.

Join the Ontario Party. Renew your membership if you are a member. Become a contributing part of the Mississauga Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association. It makes a difference. It makes western Mississauga a better place, and it keeps Ontario strong and progressive.

Membership information:

  • Everyone who is resident in Ontario and is at least 14 years old may join the Ontario Liberal Party through the Mississauga Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association. You do not need to be a citizen of Canada to join an Ontario political party;
    • Adult Membership costs $10 per person per year. You must be at least 26 years old, but not yet 65;
    • Youth members (age 14 through age 25) cost $5 per person per year;
    • Senior members (age 65 +) cost $5 per person per year;
    • Family memberships cost $25 per year, and comprise parents or guardians and dependent youth-age children living at home. For example, Mom, Dad and the children between 14 through 25 years old can join under a Family Membership. Grandparents living in the same residence and other individuals over age 25 join as individuals, as described above;
    • You can make a monthly contribution to the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association through an authorized bank debit, or by using your credit card. This Automatic Bank Cheque, or ABC membership includes your annual membership fee.

Membership means:

  • Help elect our next MPP in Mississauga-Streetsville;
  • Shape the policy that will be the Ontario Liberal Party’s next platform;
  • Build your community contacts and volunteer experience portfolio;
  • Meet some like-minded people in the community, and expand your circle of friends;
  • Make a difference in the community and have some fun.

The Party rules around memberships:

  • Each person must complete and sign a membership form, and pay the prescribed fee to the Riding Association directly or through a member of his or her immediate family;
  • Join online at the Ontario Liberal Party web site. Click here to become a member;
  • Nobody else is allowed to pay for your membership. Liberal Party policy prohibits the buying of memberships by others. Your membership will be cancelled and rendered void if someone else pays for it.
  • For more info: Riding President Sabrina Ahmed: (647) 988-5236;