Hospital funding

New hospital funding = promises kept

More funding to assist our Trillium Health Partners hospitals to serve us from their three locations: Credit Valley; Queensway; and Sherway Gardens is a big part of MPPs’ ongoing advocacy. With Ontario’s 2017-18 Budget surplus comes the ability to invest in the health care sector with an additional $22.8 million right here in Mississauga. Click the video for more details.

Trillium Health Partners, for the upcoming 2018-19 fiscal year, will receive an additional:

  • $12.8 million in non-targeted funds, to use to meet rising day-to-day costs, growth funding, and to fund additional procedures;
  • $9.9 million in targeted funds, with includes wait-time funding; priority programs and services; post-construction operating plans; and quality-based procedures.

This means increased Emergency Department volume; more nurses and physiotherapy procedures; longer clinic and MRI hours. It also means more ability to meet next year’s salaries, buy supplies used in the hospitals, pay utility bills, and ensure the hospital staff have all the tools, instruments and supplies they need to treat us when we go to the Credit Valley, Queensway or Sherway sites for treatment.

The 2018-19 budget supplied to Trillium Health Partners by the Province, (i.e. not including the funds from its Foundation and from other sources) will be $767 million.