Health Hub

Health services for our growing community

We need a new health care hub in northwest Mississauga. We need to give families in our community more options for urgent care, and have a place to go for after-hours care. We need to reduce the pressure on the Emergency Department at Credit Valley Hospital.

I have been working to get that community health hub implemented in the Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville area now that our communities have returned me as their Member of Provincial Parliament.

History of accomplishment

People in western Mississauga know that I can deliver the goods on health care, because I’ve been doing just that for 14 years. Our population in the Trillium Health Partners ‘catchment area’ will nearly double in the next generation. As well, people who’ve moved here to start families and build their careers like our neighbourhoods, and tend to want to stay here when their kids are grown and they retire. We can’t let those people endure longer and longer waits, and we can’t improve the services they need with a corporate tax cut.

In Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville, we need to assist seniors with a one-stop place to see a doctor, find a lab, and get such services as physiotherapy. We need an Urgent Care Centre that isn’t the hospital’s Emergency Department. We need to help families find these things in close proximity, and not have to drive back and forth with their parents or grandparents or children.

Building on continued progress

Since 2003, the capacity of our maternity ward at Credit Valley Hospital has doubled. The hospital has been able to add 140 new beds, build a Family Medicine Teaching Unit, draw new doctors from properly-accredited and foreign-trained phsicians, and allow kids to pursue in career in medicine with a new medical school at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

Wait times for admitted patients were down 28 percent in 2013 alone. That’s called progress, and you can’t get that done with a corporate tax cut either.

Let’s get that health hub built together!

I can get this community health hub job done, just as I’ve got the job done and delivered the results this community needs in transit, education and health care, as noted above. Since the 2014 election, I have been working with Trillium Health Partners to deliver on this marquee campaign commitment. In June of 2015, the Province’s large planning grant to our hospital included funds to move forward with planning for the new Urgent Care Centre in northwest Mississauga. Government is about coming together to help our communities grow stronger. That’s my vision.

How have Bob’s health care commitments worked out?

  • Phase 3 at Credit Valley, promised by me in 2007, was funded by the Province on time. Construction is underway toward a 2017 opening;
  • When our Credit Valley Hospital needed additional hospital beds, I worked with our Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and helped get the job done quickly and within budget;
  • When the cancer care unit at Credit Valley Hospital needed additional linear accelerators for cancer treatment, I brought out the Minister of Health, and we got those two new linear accelerators ahead of schedule;
  • I promised a new wing to Credit Valley Hospital (Phase 2) in my 2003-07 first term. The project was announced in 2005, got started in 2007, and was finished well within budget, and ahead of schedule.