Our go-to MPP

Keeping balance in our government

The Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party acknowledged she will not be leading the next government. This means a process of renewing the leadership of our Ontario Liberal Party. No individual is bigger than the party.

Good MPPs represent their communities effectively, and get things done through governments of all stripes. No MPP in Mississauga has been more effective than has Bob Delaney in bringing Ontario’s resources to build transit, hospitals, schools and community facilities in Mississauga than Bob has. Bob will continue to work for us after June 7th.

Our province needs strong, experienced, thoughtful Liberals at Queen’s Park to ensure we retain balance in our government in the upcoming years. Once the last ballot has been counted, and until the next election has been called, our connection to the Province of Ontario is through our local Member of Provincial Parliament.

Bob has looked after Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville, and now Levi Creek and Meadowvale Village, for 15 years. Bob understands the system at Queen’s Park, and knows how the Government of Ontario works. Bob responds on our behalf, and delivers on his commitments.

Re-elect Bob Delaney and keep Ontario working for us in our neighbourhoods.