GO Streetsville Parking

Real commuting progress

GO train service

Better GO Transit service means more people can leave their cars at home, avoid the stress of traffic, and get to work, to school or to wherever they need to go more frequently and conveniently.

Here is the difference between talking about public transit, as the other parties do, and doing something about it, as Liberals do. When our Liberal government in Ontario was elected 14 years ago, on October 2, 2003, Milton Line commuters had just five trains going eastbound toward Toronto in the morning, and five westbound through Mississauga to Milton in the afternoon. Each train pulled ten cars.

Today, there are ten trains in each direction, each pulling 12 passenger cars. That is more than double the daily train GO train service. There is more:

  • A new bus repair depot, where GO buses can start and finish their Mississauga run, located in Streetsville, and employing nearly 200 people;
  • GO buses connect frequently to Toronto and other points regularly through the day, with ample capacity for the passenger demand. You can use your Presto Card on the GO buses;
  • A new GO train station in Lisgar, opened in 2007 ahead of schedule, and the first in Mississauga in more than a quarter century;
  • All our western Mississauga GO stations have been upgraded, the platforms lengthened, with free Wi-Fi in the station;
  • The Presto Card has replaced having cash fare for the MiWay connector bus, a multi-ride ticket or monthly pass for the train, and tokens for the TTC. And now your Presto Card will get you on the TTC subway for just $1.50, mirroring the same-journey discount on Mi-Way;
  • There is a modern, mid-platform tunnel connecting to the platform at the Streetsville GO station;
  • Parking has expanded at Meadowvale, and three times at Streetsville. The newest Streetsville GO parking expansion has 120 brand new spots now open on Princess Street, just off Thomas Street.

That’s doing something about public transit in western Mississauga.