Ford voter-ducking

Ontario Liberals will provide a campaign media bus

(QUEEN’S PARK)—Ontario Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Deb Matthews today issued the following statement in response to news that Conservative Leader Doug Ford will spend the election campaign ducking voters and hiding from media scrutiny:

“Doug Ford is afraid that the more Ontario sees of him and his plan for our province, the less there is to like. That’s why his campaign is ducking leaders’ debates, refusing to commit to releasing a fully costed platform and now, according to recent reports, refusing to provide a media bus. Not once in more than 60 years of modern campaigning history has a major political party in Ontario refused to provide media dedicated transport and routine access during an election. It is an unprecedented effort to hide Ford, conceal Conservative policies and steer their plan for Ontario away from public scrutiny.”

And no wonder when you look at what Doug Ford has to offer. He wants to:

  • Cut 75,000 jobs and billions from vital public services like health care and education;
  • Roll back the $15 minimum wage hike;
  • Cut taxes for big business to match Donald Trump;
  • Eliminate rent controls;
  • End polluter pay and permit large emitters to pay nothing to combat climate change;
  • Sell cannabis in corner stores;
  • Open up the door to restricting a woman’s right to choose.

With a plan like Doug Ford’s, it’s no wonder the Conservatives want to keep it hidden far from sight.

“Our Ontario Liberal campaign is pleased to confirm we will be providing a media bus and daily, unscripted access of both media and voters to the premier. If Doug Ford is unwilling to do the same, he should have the courage to say why not,” Matthews said.