Energy Policies

NDP ludicrous; Conservatives MIA

As we look at the critical area of energy policy, the contrast between Ontario’s evolution to sustainable, non-polluting energy policy, and the mess proposed by the NDP, and the utter vacuum of the Ontario PC Party could not be more stark. Let’s look at the opposition ideas on energy:

NDP: mind-numbing, ineffective waste

The centrepiece of the NDP’s energy policy is to utterly waste more than $8 billion in taxpayer’s money in a re-nationalization of the partly-privatized Hydro One. Such a move would be a wholesale diversion from such infrastructure projects as the re-development of Trillium Health Partners hospitals at the Credit Valley and Queensway sites; cancellation of the Highway 401 widening; and a standstill on public transit projects that keep Mississauga from being trapped in gridlock.

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Four-point PC Party energy boondoggle

Don’t look for an Ontario PC Party energy policy, plan or program anywhere. It doesn’t exist. Instead, look at what the PC Party has done in the past, and says it will do in the future in the Legislature. Here is the de-facto four-point Ontario PC Party energy program:

  1. Do Nothing. Run all energy-generation and transmission assets into the ground. Don’t invest. Don’t spend. It is what they did in government in the 1990s, and in the years prior to that;
  2. Burn coal. During the Harris-Eves years, the principal electricity generation added by the Conservatives came from burning dirty coal. By the end of the last term of the last PC government, some 25 percent of Ontario’s electricity came from burning coal. Each year, the Greater Toronto Area endured more than 50 smog-alert, dirty-air days;
  3. Buy expensive electricity on the U.S. spot market. When Ontario ran short of power during the Harris-Eves years, which it regularly did, the last Conservative government bought expensive electricity (more than $1.00 per kWh on the U.S. spot market), which it re-sold at a whopping loss at 4.3 cents per kWh);
  4. Blame the Liberals. When all else fails, and under the Conservatives with electricity, all else always fails, they turn to ideology and incendiary rhetoric, and just blame the Liberals.

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