Election 2018

Thank you, neighbours for the privilege to serve you

On June 7, Ontario chose a new government, and Mississauga-Streetsville elected a new Member of Provincial Parliament. On behalf of our Campaign team, and our Riding Association, we congratulate the new government, and our new Member of Provincial Parliament, Nina Tangri.

As Liberals, we left nothing undone. We had every resource we needed to reach out to our neighbours. Our opponents’ campaigns won the support of the voters in our riding, and in our province. This is democratic renewal. This is the will of the province and the will of the people of our riding. We accept their judgment in defeat with the same humility as we accepted their challenge in victory fifteen years ago.

To our new Member of Provincial Parliament, we will ensure that the process of transition to her is as swift and as smooth as we can make it. The campaign is over. Now it is time to work with the new MPP as our representative.

A new generation of Ontario Liberals must now exercise the leadership and the discipline to pick up our party, restore its confidence, attract tomorrow’s leaders, and get in touch with where Ontarians will be in the 2020s and beyond. On election night, our team came together to celebrate our many accomplishments during our 15 years in government, as we pass the torch to our successors.

GO service has more than doubled. Our Credit Valley hospital has grown in its ability to look after us. The jobs of tomorrow have found homes here in northwest Mississauga. This didn’t just happen. Our government, and I, played a very proactive part in making it happen. I am proud of our legacy here in Mississauga, and proud of all of you for helping make it happen on behalf of all of us.

In each Ontario Parliament, there are by-elections. More Liberals will be coming back into government in the years to come. In the coming months and years, Ontarians will see and judge what the alternatives to our party do with the privilege and responsibility of government.

As our party renews and refocuses, Ontario voters will welcome a new generation of Ontario Liberals at the next Ontario election.

I thank those who got us here, now and in the past:

  • The love of my life, Andrea Seepersaud, for her steadfast support, and her stewardship of the campaign phone team. She probably spoke to more voters than any other single person during the past three campaigns;
  • Campaign Manager Tom Lewis was in every sense Tom Terrific. From beginning to end, this was a strong, positive, upbeat campaign. Tom kept it all together. Monika Duggal and Manraj Furmah stepped up to their Campaign team leadership roles, and performed magnificently in every facet of our campaign;
  • Ran Zhu and Zeelaf Fatima, found, organized and motivated our amazing team of volunteers who got us through this election;
  • Former Campaign Manager Andrzej Hoffmann helped us throughout the 2018 campaign, and produced our materials;
  • Thank you to everyone who turned out in the usually chilly mornings for our commuter canvasses.

Finally, thank you to our residents of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville for their trust and support during these four terms of government. It has been a privilege and a responsibility to have built a part of our community’s future.