Good government = generous tax credit

Politics is a function of two variables, if you remember your high school or freshman math. Those two variables are people and money. Some people have the precious time our Party needs. Others have little time, but can donate the money that is literally fuel in the engine of politics. Ontario political donations give rise to a generous tax credit.

Think of a donation this way! Most of it is a loan, and it will be repaid when you file your next income tax return. The balance is an expression of your commitment to a well-governed Ontario. Click here to make a donation.

The chart at right shows you how what part of your donation becomes an Ontario political tax credit.

Basically, you get back a tax credit of 75 percent of your first $415 in donations, and half the balance of your donation, to a maximum donation to our riding of $1,600.

Donations to the Mississauga Streetsville PLA are accepted anytime during the year. Donate now. The Riding Association uses the funds to prepare for the next campaign, operate the riding association, make our commitment to the Ontario Liberal Party, and promote the projects and values that Liberals believe in, and advocate in government.

Make your contribution monthly!

The Ontario Liberal Party administers a program to allow people to make automatic contributions through either an authorized bank withdrawal, or an authorized charge to a credit card. It is called the Automatic Bank Cheque, or ABC Program. You can enroll, change the amount or withdraw at any time. The program is fully secure, and has been running for a long time.

The “sweet spot” for a monthly donation is $33 per month. This annual contribution of $33 x 12 = $396 gives rise to a tax credit for that calendar year of $297. All of your contribution stays in the Mississauga-Streetsville riding to fund our local election campaign. Think of the ABC program this way: using the donation scenario above, you would give the Riding Association $396 – $297 = $99 in a calendar year, and lend the Riding $297, with the loan being returned to you when you receive your income tax return for that calendar year.

Why donate?

Donations are a political party’s only source of funds. Political parties have just one source of funds: people like you. Our parties represent the vision, hopes, dreams and goals of our community. Some people can offer their time to do the things it takes to win a campaign. Others can offer their money to pay for the things our people do in the election campaign.

Your money goes where the voters are, and to measure and get our vote out, we need an office, phones, literature, advertising, utilities, food and all the other products and services to win an election.

Click here to become a monthly contributor, and fund the next Mississauga-Streetsville election campaign through a monthly charge on your credit card.

Make a donation

You can make a donation to the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberals in three ways:

  1. Make your cheque out to Mississauga Streetsville PLA, and mail it to the Riding Association’s mailing
    address. See below;
  2. Click here to make an on-line contribution using a credit card on the Ontario Liberal Party’s web site. All your funds go directly to the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberals, and Bob’s campaign.

Please help Bob’s team with your money, your time, or both. There are many examples on this web site of the ways in which your time and your money have made a difference to western Mississauga since 2003. We need to continue the way forward.

Mailing address

Mississauga-Streetsville PLA
P.O. Box 21042, Meadowvale RPO
Mississauga ON L5N 6A2
Phone: (905) 542-3725 – (905) LIBERAL
Facebook:  /StreetsvilleProvLiberals
Twitter: @BobDelaneyPeel