Long-term, affordable, sustainable electricity

Ontario Power Generation executives tell an interesting anecdote. At the dawn of the 19th century, 95 percent of the energy used on earth came from people and animals. The other five percent came from the burning of fossil fuels, principally wood. By the end of the 20th century, the proportions were reversed. Only five percent of the energy consumed on earth came from people and animals. The other 95 percent came from the burning of fossil fuels, principally oil, gas and coal.

In late 2015, the world reached the historic Paris Climate Change Accords, by which nations will reduce their use of fossil fuels, and transition to clean energy, and renewable energy. The 21st century will be about replacing fossil fuels with sources that don’t emit greenhouse gases, and those energy sources that are renewable.

Liberals: Affordable, secure, balanced, reliable power

Between 2004 and 2017, Ontario brought more new electricity generating capacity on-line than any other jurisdiction in North America. Since 2003, Ontario has installed more than 8,000 megawatts of new generating capacity. In just ten years, Ontario has moved to being a leader again in the generation and supply of electricity.

Ontario is the first jurisdiction in North America to have stopped generating electricity by burning coal. In pollution terms, this is like taking seven million cars off the road. Ontario has brought more than 10,000 MW of new, clean energy, and invested in more than 5,000 kilometres of new and refurbished power lines to make for a secure transmission grid. Conservation initiatives have saved the energy system some 2,000 MW.

  • The Lakeview Generating Station in Mississauga closed in April of 2005, and was destroyed in 2007. It is the pollution clean-up equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road;
  • Ontario has gone from virtually nothing to being a being North America’s leader in renewable power in just eight years;
  • The Ontario Green Energy Act has attracted more than $20 billion of new, private-sector investment in the energy sector, and created more than 20,000 new jobs so far, including hundreds right here in Mississauga;
  • Since 2003, Ontario has cut carbon dioxide emissions by 15 percent; reduced sulphur dioxide emissions by 28 percent and slashed nitrogen oxide emissions by 34 percent;
  • Ontario now has a Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program, a bold step that allows small, local renewable energy producers to get into the energy market, and provides cleaner energy to the Ontario grid;
  • The Ontario Fair Hydro Plan takes 25 percent percent off home and small business hydro bills, with annual increases linked to the rate of inflation;
  • Ontario’s renewable energy sector represents the most significant and profitable new business and jobs driver since the auto pact began the manufacturing industry for motor vehicles back in the 1960s. In the next few years, it is estimated that renewable energy firms will create some 50,000 new jobs in Ontario, and for Ontarians.

Conservatives: Absolutely no coherent plan at all

The PC Party can criticize. But plan? Nothing at all to show. If you believe that the best indicator of what a person, or a party, would do in the future will resemble what they did in the past, you’ll never want to let the Ontario PC Party make decisions about energy again.

  • Between 1995 and 2003, during the last time the PCs governed Ontario, installed generating capacity actually fell by six percent, even as electricity demand grew 8.5 percent;
  • Energy prices soared during the last PC government while the party did nothing other than burn more and more dirty coal to power Ontario;
  • Even as world-class renewable energy manufacturers come to Ontario and look to invest billion of their own money, the Ontario PCs propose to chase them and the jobs they will create out of Ontario, and incur massive cancellation penalties for shutting down already-contracted renewable energy projects;
  • Appliance manufacturers need to have the next generation of fridges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners and other things powered by electricity able to talk to the grid. The Ontario PCs would chase those manufacturing jobs out of Ontario too with an electricity policy that is just plain dumb!
  • The de-facto four-point Ontario PC Energy Plan:
    1. Do nothing. Spend no money on the system, and let electricity generation and transmission run into the ground with neglect;
    2. Burn coal. On the watch of the last Ontario PC government, the use of pollution-producing, dirty coal rose to 25 percent of Ontario’s total generation;
    3. Buy U.S. power on the spot market. The Ontario Tories paid upwards of $2 per kilowatt during the late 1990s for electricity it later sold at 4.3 cents per kilowatt-hour;
    4. Blame the Liberals. When all else fails, and when it comes to electricity and the Conservatives in Ontario, all else always fails, they default to shifting blame to the last Liberal government.

NDP: Incompetent, ineffective policies

  • Have committed to wasting about $20 billion of taxpayers money re-nationalizing a profitable electricity distribution company;
  • Claim that the NDP can lower electricity prices with no indication of how they would do it;
  • Would abolish time-of-use pricing, leading to greater demand on the electricity system at peak times, driving up the price of electricity; requiring the building or purchase of electricity that Ontario would otherwise not need. It also encourages wasteful use of energy, and penalizes users who use energy wisely. See more here;
  • Voted against taking 25 percent off electricity prices. Voted against putting a price cap on electricity, and then voted against taking the same price cap off;
  • While the NDP governed Ontario, hydro rates went up by 40 percent;
    Wasted $150 million in payments to cancel a badly-needed hydro lifeline from Manitoba to Ontario, a line that would be delivering cheap power today;
  • The NDP is simply opposed to building any new electricity generating capacity: from any source, anywhere, any time;
  • Voted against new conservation initiatives. Opposed the Ontario Fair Hydro Plan that takes 25 percent off your electricity bill each month;
  • The NDP plans to spend billions re-nationalizing Hydro One, a move that will not lower electricity prices one cent;
  • The NDP advocates keeping dirty coal-fired generation while speaking in the north, but advocates shutting it all down while speaking in southern Ontario.