How do Ontario parties stack up?

Maybe it’s the Province’s economic policies. Perhaps it is how Ontario generates and transmits electricity. Education? Ask a handful of people, and you’ll get a handful of different opinions. Who speaks for most Ontarians? Who makes sense? Who’s preaching ideological malarkey, or outright nonsense?

Let’s stack up the parties and see. Use the menu, or click the links below, and see the three Ontario political parties stacked against one another, issue by issue.

Why have the Liberals governed Ontario for 19 of the past 32 years, since  1985, the end of a four-decade span during which the Ontario PCs governed?


  • The Liberals have been right, and the other two parties have been wrong;
  • The Liberals have looked forward with progressive change, and the other two parties have looked behind, locked into the status-quo, or the past;
  • The Liberals change an idea that isn’t working – our own idea or one we have inherited. The other two are prisoners of their own obsolete or failed ideologies.

See for yourself:

  • The Ontario economy;
  • Electricity and energy;
  • Education;
  • Health care;
  • Mississauga.