College Strike 2017

Facts Still Matter: College Strike

While the Province patiently worked the October-November college strike toward a solution, the Ontario PC Party continued its campaign of misinformation at Queen’s Park. Whether it’s a speech, a phone call, an interview or a scrum, Conservatives failed to remember that Facts Still Matter in Ontario.

PC Claim: “Well I want the Premier telling both sides [colleges and faculty] to get back to the table immediately”

Fact: In October, Premier Wynne did just that.

“I have committed to them and to all — we’ll do everything to encourage both sides to get back to the table…and we want everyone to get back to the table to come to an agreement there.”

(Source: Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Hansard, October 24, 2017)

PC Claim: “The government continues to sign these [energy] contracts”

Fact: The Province suspended Large Renewable Procurement last fall.


PC Claim: “This was just, you know, the government said they needed to hear from people and that’s why they needed to drag it out, but it was for political theatre”
Fact: We moved the legislation through the House as quickly as possible, while also balancing the democratic process and hearing from Ontarians on the specific details of the final bill.

Fact: It was also important to ensure the government’s decision making was on the public record, as this proved useful when a similar law faced a constitutional challenge in British Columbia.

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