Annual Christmas Party

A Merry Christmas 2017

Christmas card photo 2017

Andrea and I, and our cats, Bebe (with Andrea) and Merlin (with Bob) took our annual Christmas card photo in the gazebo in our back yard in mid-October.

It was a great Sesquicentennial celebration year in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville. Riding Association members and supporters took time to both celebrate Christmas together, and talk about the 2018 Ontario election in mid-December at the Franklin House in Streetsville.

Bob’s U.S. activities

In 2017, MPP Bob Delaney made contributions toward support for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) among the Canadian provinces and U.S. states in the Midwest through the Council of State Governments (CSG). Bob is, after the Ontario Speaker, the alternate CSG delegate. Read the CSG Midwest resolution in support of NAFTA. At the CSG Midwest annual meeting in Iowa in July, this resolution was adopted unanimously. Similarly, a policy resolution among the Midwest U.S. states and Canadian provinces on energy trade was adopted unanimously. Read it here. Ontario’s sheer size means it spans both the Eastern and Midwest regions of the America-wide Council of State Governments. Canadian provinces participate as equals with the U.S. states. The 2016 Eastern Region annual meeting of the Council of State governments was held in Quebec City, and the 2018 Midwest annual meeting will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.