Campaign Office 2018

Our Campaign Office is in Meadowvale

Liberals will spend some quality time together until Election Day on June 7.Our Campaign Office for the 2018 Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal election campaign is at 6400 Millcreek Drive, Unit 4.

The Campaign Office is in Meadowvale, just behind McDonald’s on the southeast corner of Millcreek and Erin Mills Parkway, just south of the train tracks. Click here for a map.

Come and enjoy our warm family Liberal atmosphere, tremendous food, and help out with another winning Liberal campaign in the neighbourhoods of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.

To volunteer, call Monika or Linda at our Campaign Office phone number at (905) 542-3725, which is (905) LIBERAL on a telephone keypad.

Get a sign with your first call

  • Make your first call to the Campaign Office to get a Liberal lawn sign for your home. Your sign will be installed within a day or two of the start of the election;
  • Perhaps you have some things you may not be using at home that you can donate to the Campaign. Click here to see what we typically use during the election campaign;
  • Keep up to date on the election campaign, and what’s going on in the Ontario Liberal Party in Mississauga-Streetsville by choosing Like on the Riding Association Facebook Page.

Election campaign = student hours

Hey high school students! And university students too… Election campaign volunteer hours count as student community volunteer time. High school students need their 40 hours of registered community time as a graduation requirement. Many of you have seen me, or know that I have visited your school. Come and help someone you know, who works hard for you.

We see each other in your classroom or at graduation. We talk about government in civics classes, and when I can, I try and visit your school’s science and math classes too. A few people on a mission can make a difference.

Most of you say the Liberals rock. And I’m a Liberal. So come and help me and the Liberal team get ready to win another election in Mississauga Streetsville in 2018. Call my Campaign Office at (905) 542-3725. Come see us. You’ll have fun, get your volunteer hours, meet a great group of people and be well-fed.

Politics is important. And it attracts important people. Perhaps you’d like to meet a few, especially if you aspire to one day be one.

Politics is intense. Want to know what winning a Stanley Cup feels like. It’s a bit like being in the room on election night when you realize that a whole community has just voted to support the things you believe in and have worked on for the last few weeks. There’s nothing quite like it.

  • What have I done in western Mississauga, and where are we headed, you may ask? Click to find out.
  • Sounds good, you may say, how do I sign up? Politics is the ultimate ‘people-business’. Use your cell phone and call the Campaign Office at (905) 542-3725. That is (905) LIBERAL on a traditional telephone keypad.