Budget Breakfast 2018

Budget deficit financing = infrastructure surplus

Each year since I have been elected, I have held, or participated with our Mississauga MPPs in, a post-Budget breakfast. In 2018, ours was in Streetsville. At it, a reporter from the local paper asked me several questions about Ontario’s long-term debt. I didn’t answer the question well, and in other places inferred that his account was wrong. It was my memory of what I had said that was wrong. I contacted the reporter, acknowledged my error, and offered an apology. He accepted it.

There are many, many fine local infrastructure projects that the Province has completed, or has in progress, during the past decade in Mississauga, financed with debt capital.

Ontario got solid and tangible schools, universities, hospitals, roads, public transit, community facilities and other ‘bricks-and-mortar’ infrastructure for the money the Province borrowed during the recession.

I remain proud of these recession-era infrastructure projects, and would do them again in the circumstances. Click or touch here to find out about Ontario’s infrastructure surplus that was built with Ontario Budget deficit spending that kept people at work during the recession.