Hospital funding

New hospital funding = promises kept

More funding to assist our Trillium Health Partners hospitals to serve us from their three locations: Credit Valley; Queensway; and Sherway Gardens is a big part of MPPs’ ongoing advocacy. With Ontario’s 2017-18 Budget surplus comes the ability to invest in the health care sector with an additional $22.8 million right here in Mississauga. Click the video for more details.

Trillium Health Partners, for the upcoming 2018-19 fiscal year, will receive an additional:

  • $12.8 million in non-targeted funds, to use to meet rising day-to-day costs, growth funding, and to fund additional procedures;
  • $9.9 million in targeted funds, with includes wait-time funding; priority programs and services; post-construction operating plans; and quality-based procedures.

This means increased Emergency Department volume; more nurses and physiotherapy procedures; longer clinic and MRI hours. It also means more ability to meet next year’s salaries, buy supplies used in the hospitals, pay utility bills, and ensure the hospital staff have all the tools, instruments and supplies they need to treat us when we go to the Credit Valley, Queensway or Sherway sites for treatment.

The 2018-19 budget supplied to Trillium Health Partners by the Province, (i.e. not including the funds from its Foundation and from other sources) will be $767 million.

PC Job Cuts

Making Hudak’s 50,000 lost jobs look soft

The hoary old Ontario PC “efficiencies” slogans sound so enticing. “Anyone can cut four cents on the dollar.” Sounds a lot like another bombastic serial liar who said, “Trade wars are easy to win.” Do you know what “four cents on the dollar” means to the Ontario budget? $6.4 billion in cuts.

Roughly 85 percent of public sector spending (anywhere) consists of wages and benefits. That means about $5.1 billion of firings.

How many people is that? Figure 90 percent of the total cuts will come from rank-and-file workers whose salary and benefits package averages $75,000 per person, and the remaining ten percent from management at an average of $150,000 in wages and benefits per person.

That means the Tories plan to torch the careers of 82,300 rank-and-file public sector workers, and about 10,700 management workers.

  • That works out to about 14,000 rank-and-file government employees in Mississauga alone in the PC Party firing line;
  • Just more than 700 Mississauga families with the principal winner is an Ontario public sector manager would lose their household’s main source of income.

In Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville alone (i.e. the riding of Mississauga-Streetsville) that would average out to about 2,750 rank-and-file of your neighbours who are government workers, and about 140 Ontario public sector managers let go by casting a PC Party vote. That’s just for openers.

That’s what supporting the Ontario PC Party costs a community. That’s not even counting the health care and public transit infrastructure projects cancelled to give the wealthy even more money in mindless tax cuts.

Make a contribution toward sanity in government. Re-elect Mississauga-Streetsville Member of Provincial Parliament Bob Delaney. Make a $100 contribution to our election campaign. You’ll get $75 of that back as an Ontario political contribution tax credit in the 2018 year.

Click here to make your contribution.

Path to the Future

The election will be about the future, not the past

Since the Ontario PC meltdown began in the last week of January, that party’s scandals and chaos have been the story of Ontario politics. From the perspective of the other two parties, there was little point in engaging in Conservative politics during February and the first half of March. In mid-March, pollsters are measuring that Ontarians, when fed a non-stop diet of one party’s politics will, for better or worse, reflect that one party.

In other words, Ontarians behave just like people everywhere else in the world.

Let’s get back to reality.

For the past nine years, Ontario has climbed out of a structural deficit made necessary when the Province chose not to torch the careers and lives of a million Ontarians at the bottom of the recession in 2008-09. Now Ontario’s budget is back in surplus for the fiscal year 2017-18.

A responsible recovery and return to a balanced Budget meant a lot of tradeoffs and sacrifices during nine long years. Ontarians did it. Our Province is North America’s fastest-growing economy again in this year of 2018. The effects of the recession are now behind us.

Time to turn the page and start anew.

That’s why, even in the fading months of Ontario’s 41st Parliament, the Province will have a Speech from the Throne. Ontario is charting a new course: a bold, progressive and forward-looking course that benefits all Ontarians.

The Ontario PC Party just elected a leader who is candid about ripping apart the fabric of fairness that got us through the recession, consigning the bottom half of Ontarians to second-world status, and starving our public infrastructure, education and health care system of the oxygen of funding with mindless tax cuts that benefit only the top few percent of income-earners.

As Liberals, we’ve been here in the polls before: both on the government side prior to an election, and in opposition.

  • During our time in government, the PC opposition led by John Tory, then Tim Hudak were – in three elections – supposed to defeat us handily. The opposition PC Party led in the polls on the eve of the elections of 2007, 2011 and in 2014;
  • In opposition, the Liberals led the Ontario PCs handily heading into the elections of 1995 and 1999. Like the 21st-century PC Party, the 1990s Liberals found innovative and creative ways to lose those elections;
  • No Ontario political party leading in the public opinion polls on the eve of an Ontario election has actually won that election in 31 years.

As Liberals, we are in the business of change, and headed to the future. The PC Party is, and always has been, in the business of the status-quo, and looking backward to a past that never was.

Pollsters breathlessly point to current opinion levels among voters, and project Tory sweeps in traditional Liberal areas. In the elections both the Liberals and Tories have lost during the 1990s and 2000s, the losers have been even higher in the polls than the PC Party is now. The pollsters, however forget these very important points:

  • Their polling numbers have been driven by seven weeks of non-stop Tory news, with no focus on either the the Liberals or the other party;
  • An election is not being held today, but in June;
  • Campaigns and issues matter, and voter support moves;
  • The Ontario PC Party has no platform, no costing, no priorities and no coherent message;
  • Local MPPs matter, and the question on the ballot is not ‘which party’s candidate would you support,’ but the choice of Bob Delaney with the alternative of a serial PC Party loser with no community connection;
  • Whatever principal issue will drive voters to mark an ‘X‘ on the ballot, that issue is not being discussed yet;
  • Pollsters disproportionately measure people who are older; have land telephone lines; and speak English as their first or only language.

Ontario Liberals will lay out a forward-looking, progressive, properly-costed and responsible plan that looks forward into the 2020s. The Ontario PC Party will try and have you believe that their vacuous leader is the issue. Ontario Liberals will lay out a path to a bright future that will benefit the Province no matter who is at the helm of the Party or the Province.

There is a lot to happen between now and election day, and a lot that will change. Stay focused on our one and only local job: winning re-election here in the neighbourhoods of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville that comprise the proud riding of Mississauga-Streetsville.

Stuff we need

Your extra stuff = our essentials

What’s taking up space in your basement, your garage, your office or your storage area could be exactly what we need to equip our office and our people as we wage our 2018 election campaign in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.

Perhaps you have a working fridge you’d like to see the end of. We need one or two of them. Usually people give it to us on the condition that it be recycled after the election, and we pick it up from you. And if you want it back, it will be returned right after the election in clean condition.

For information, call Campaign Manager Tom Lewis at (905) 542-3725 That is (905) LIBERAL on a telephone keypad.

If you have what we need, and its value is measurable, we will give you a tax receipt, valid for your 2018 income tax return next year. It is based on the fair-and-reasonable value of what we use or borrow from you.

Check the list below, and if you have what we need, consider donating it, or lending it, to our campaign. If it is a loan, place a tag or a removable sticker that will be on your property through the campaign, and enable us to easily get your item back to you in mid-June.

Office and furniture items:

  • Office or stacking chairs;
  • Filing cabinets;
  • Two to five folding tables;
  • One or two refrigerators;
  • Four or five office desks;
  • Desk and floor lamps;
  • Shelving units;
  • Three floor fans.

Consumables that we will use:

  • Boxes or packages of 20 lb 8½ x 11 plain white letter-size paper;
  • Boxes or packages of 20 lb 8½ x 14 plain white legal-size paper;
  • Clipboards, preferably legal (we’ll return these);
  • Felt markers and highlighters;
  • Flip chart pads;
  • File folders: both letter-size and legal-size;
  • Garbage and recycle bags;
  • Plastic and paper plates and plastic forks, knives and spoons;
  • Paper and plastic cups;
  • Soft drinks and water;
  • Cable ties of various lengths.
  • Tools and equipment:
  • Two or three heavy mallets;
  • Staple guns and staples;
  • Wooden stakes (check with us first).

Food you can donate or prepare:

Campaign Office

Our 2018 Campaign Office is a living, breathing organism that makes a Liberal victory in 2018 possible. Perhaps some of your surplus things at home would be useful until mid-June.

The great part about being in the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal election campaign is the range of people you meet, and the wide variety of great food you can try.

Perhaps you can cook and bring over something for the hard-working volunteers in the campaign to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Check with Campaign Manager Tom Lewis, who will help suggest something you are able to prepare, and that our volunteers will enjoy.

Meet Bob

Living room evening discussion

With an Ontario Provincial election approaching, interest in our MPP and Ontario Liberal Candidate increases. Bob periodically attends informal gatherings hosted by people in their homes to discuss what’s on their minds about government. If you live in Lisgar, Meadowvale or Streetsville, and you and your neighbours wish to have an evening chat with Bob, we’ll find you a time that works for everyone.

Click or touch here to e-mail us.

Next ‘cheese and crackers’ meeting

  • Home of Dr. Sabrina Ahmed;
    5236 Forest Ridge Drive (just off Erin Centre Drive)
  • Wednesday March 21, 2018
    7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Per-person charge of $50 to cover expenses.
  • Contact: (905) 542-3725 or e-mail to

Tax Receipts 2017

When donations come back to you

The Ontario Liberal Party’s most significant task in the year’s first two months of every year is to issue its annual income tax receipts. You should have received your income receipts for donations you made to the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association in 2017 by now.

If you have not received a 2017 income tax receipt for an ABC membership or for a contribution you made in 2017 by March of 2018, first call the Ontario Liberal Party at (416) 961-3800. If they have not resolved things, please leave a message for our Mississauga-Streetsville Treasurer, Rob Bezaire at (905) 542-3725.

Donating to Bob’s re-election

Find out how Ontario political contributions work. It takes money. It takes good people. We need them both.

GO Streetsville Parking

Real commuting progress

GO train service

Better GO Transit service means more people can leave their cars at home, avoid the stress of traffic, and get to work, to school or to wherever they need to go more frequently and conveniently.

Here is the difference between talking about public transit, as the other parties do, and doing something about it, as Liberals do. When our Liberal government in Ontario was elected 14 years ago, on October 2, 2003, Milton Line commuters had just five trains going eastbound toward Toronto in the morning, and five westbound through Mississauga to Milton in the afternoon. Each train pulled ten cars.

Today, there are ten trains in each direction, each pulling 12 passenger cars. That is more than double the daily train GO train service. There is more:

  • A new bus repair depot, where GO buses can start and finish their Mississauga run, located in Streetsville, and employing nearly 200 people;
  • GO buses connect frequently to Toronto and other points regularly through the day, with ample capacity for the passenger demand. You can use your Presto Card on the GO buses;
  • A new GO train station in Lisgar, opened in 2007 ahead of schedule, and the first in Mississauga in more than a quarter century;
  • All our western Mississauga GO stations have been upgraded, the platforms lengthened, with free Wi-Fi in the station;
  • The Presto Card has replaced having cash fare for the MiWay connector bus, a multi-ride ticket or monthly pass for the train, and tokens for the TTC. And now your Presto Card will get you on the TTC subway for just $1.50, mirroring the same-journey discount on Mi-Way;
  • There is a modern, mid-platform tunnel connecting to the platform at the Streetsville GO station;
  • Parking has expanded at Meadowvale, and three times at Streetsville. The newest Streetsville GO parking expansion has 120 brand new spots now open on Princess Street, just off Thomas Street.

That’s doing something about public transit in western Mississauga.

Upcoming election

Campaign Team 2018

Not everybody who gets cranked up for an election campaign wants to sit on the Riding Association Executive on an ongoing basis. One of the attractions of an election campaign is that it has a start and a finish.

Others enjoy the ongoing evolutionary progress of the Riding Association. Some like both, for a while.

The upcoming Ontario Provincial Election is on Thursday June 7, 2018. At the bottom of this page, in the footer, you’ll see a calendar countdown to the decisive event.

Our Riding Association has a strong record of good results to bring to our doors in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville. We are starting to look for keen people to fill key roles. Send our Campaign Manager an e-mail. The Riding Association has a permanent phone number. It is easy to remember: (905) LIBERAL. That number is (905) 542-3725 on your numeric keypad.

Let’s get back into the habit of thinking about one another, and seeing our faces again. If this will be your first time, please start with a phone call, or an e-mail.

PC bafflegab 1

Behind the PC Party ‘fake-news’

Over lunch or at the water cooler, there is always a neo-con big-mouth who has bought the right-wing malarkey hook, line and sinker. I took some notes as I returned a few phone calls in recent weeks, and thought I would share the essence of the discussion on such topics as electricity rates; business; manufacturing; debt and pensions. Enjoy.

The Ontario Progressive Conservative opposition has blown four straight elections with a continuing litany of utter nonsense completely at odds with common sense, reality, and usually truth as well. Let’s look at the latest collection of rhetorical rubbish masquerading as Conservative policy. The PC Party is entitled to their own opinion. They are just not entitled to make up their own facts. And they do. Often.

Tories claim that “Ontario has the highest electricity rates in North America”
Wrong! The highest electricity prices in North America are in the New England states in the USA. Industrial power rates in Northern Ontario are among the lowest in Canada, and lower than 45 American states. The rates in Southern Ontario are lower than Michigan, Wisconsin and New Jersey and in-line with Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and  Minnesota. Ontario’s residential electricity rates are higher than in Manitoba and Quebec. Both of those provinces generate virtually all their electricity from existing hydroelectric plants long ago built and paid for. Both provinces have hydro electricity generating capacity well in excess of their own needs. Ontario has almost no remaining untapped hydro capacity. Ontario residential power rates are, however, lower than, or close to, the surrounding U.S. states. The U.S. states with expanding populations and economies, like Ontario, face the reality of replacing greenhouse gas emitting coal-fired plants with green energy, and refurbishing their nuclear reactors to extend their lifetime. Ontario is way ahead of our neighbouring U.S. states in renewing power generation. In essence, Ontario has paid for the same projects that U.S. states have not begun with yesterday’s money at near-zero interest rates. Our neighbouring U.S. states
are a decade behind us.
Conservatives like to claim that “Ontario businesses are struggling with red tape”
Wrong! In the Canadian Federation of Businesses’  2015 Red Tape Report
Ontario received a rating of B+, tied for the second highest mark in the country. The truth of regulations in Ontario is that for every new regulation an Ontario Ministry proposes to generate, it must eliminate at least two others.
The Ontario Tories claim “Ontario is losing manufacturing jobs”
Wrong! Try singing that song in Meadowvale, home of the renaissance of Ontario advanced manufacturing. Since spring 2015, Ontario has gained more than 13,000 net new manufacturing jobs. Who says so? Statistics Canada, Table 282-008 – Labour force survey estimates (LFS), employment by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), seasonally adjusted and unadjusted, monthly (persons). In fact, Ontario’s manufacturing sector is leading Canada in growth while western Canada’s
resource economy languishes in low commodity prices.
Ontario Conservatives say “Ontario is faced with runaway debt”
Wrong! Ontario’s debt-to-GDP ratio is roughly the equivalent of looking at how much a family owes compared to how much it earns. Ontario’s debt-to-GDP ratio is about 39 percent. France’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 84 percent. Germany: 57 percent; Japan: 134 percent; South Korea: 32 percent; South Africa: 36 percent; the UK: 83 percent; USA: 88 percent. Canadian families average carry 160 percent of debt-to-income. Ontario did borrow a lot of money to get through the recession. There was a neo-con option: not borrowing the money. The USA largely took that option. It would have cost Ontario the auto industry; all the Province’s infrastructure renewal; and economists estimate between half a million and a million jobs. Now, Ontario has a lot of the state-of-the-art infrastructure that other jurisdictions put off to the future, and paid for with yesterday’s money at near-zero interest rates. And Ontario emerged from the recession more than three full years ahead of the United States. Borrowing and sensibly investing the money succeeded in growing the Ontario economy while other jurisdictions shrank, keeping the Province’s debt affordable.
The Tory mantra is that “pension reform is a payroll tax”
Baloney! By that reckoning, your home mortgage is a ‘housing tax.’ And your RRSP is a ‘retirement tax.’ The proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, which is now a reformed Canada Pension Plan, is a savings plan that stays with you, and moves with you as your career progresses, just like the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) currently does. The federal government and the provinces agreed to reform the CPP to stay in step with the times. Ontario won’t let working families in the early and middle parts of their career see poverty become inevitable after they retire. See my MPP web site for more details.

If a statement sounds outrageous…

Most intelligent people have pretty good ‘nonsense meters.’ Yet in politics, some of the most outrageous claims don’t get subjected to rigorous reality checks. For example, repeatedly in Question Period at Queen’s Park, both opposition parties repeatedly, and falsely, assert that, for example, local distribution companies and Hydro One can unilaterally raise its electricity rates. Despite even Hydro One’s Preliminary Prospectus contradicting both opposition parties, the patently false claims continue.

Residents sometimes tell me similar patently false claims. I ask where they had heard such nonsense. The answers range from chain e-mails to Facebook comments to talk radio. People ask where they should go to find the truth.

Credible sources:

  • Ontario: The Province has an official web site. It is a great place to start your research check out, which is the official Government of Ontario web site. From there, you can link to every Ministry within the government. Also see the Links Page on Bob’s MPP web site.
  • On Energy: Start with the Ontario Ministry of Energy web site. Locally, see the Enersource web site for billing and local service issues.

Membership Renewal

Join your Liberal Party Riding Association

The Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association is looking for a few energetic people who want to help us shape Ontario’s future to join us on the Mississauga-Streetsville Provincial Liberal Association Riding Association Executive.

Together, we organize Liberal political life in northwest Mississauga. Want to see what we do? Click here. When you get right down to it, our Riding Association team has won four consecutive elections together, become good friends, and continue to have a lot of fun doing it.

Interested? Call Riding President Tom Lewis at (289) 929-4881.

This is a good time to renew your Ontario Liberal Party membership. You can renew on-line now. Click here. The Riding Association hosts regular events through the calendar year. Be a part of it. See the Events Page on this web site. Become a Mississauga-Streetsville Liberal. Read more.