Voting Info

How and where to vote

Where do I go to vote in the advance polls? What if I am not on the Electors List?

We have compiled all the latest information for you on this web site. Click here for the Advance Poll page.

You can vote in the Advance Polls, even if you are not travelling on Election Day. The Returning Office is the former St. Dunstan Catholic Elementary School on Creditview near Eglinton.

Lawn Signs

A sign of responsible government

Bob Delaney Lawn Sign

Show your support for Bob Delaney as your Member of Provincial Parliament and Liberal Candidate with a lawn sign. Call our Campaign Office at (905) 542-3725 to request a lawn sign.

Show your support for Ontario Liberal Candidate, and incumbent MPP Bob Delaney with a 2018 Lawn Sign. Our election team will install a lawn sign only with your permission, and obviously only in the riding of Mississauga-Streetsville.

No election campaign may install a sign on public property, or on private property without permission. If another candidate’s sign is placed on your property without your permission or consent, you are free to remove it. You should also report this violation to our Elections Ontario Returning Officer in Mississauga-Streetsville, Linda Thomas, at (905) 858-1808.

To request a Bob Delaney lawn sign, please phone us at (905) 542-3725, more easily remembered as (905) LIBERAL. On the web, click or touch here.

Show your neighbours a sign of good government, and help re-elect Bob Delaney.

Hydro One

What is the real Hydro One story?

No initiative taken by the Province during the past four years has been so misunderstood, nor so wilfully misrepresented as Ontario’s successful effort to convert a portion of its equity in Hydro One, and use that $9 billion to improve public transit in lieu of further borrowing. Let’s take the Hydro One arrangement apart and get at the truth.

What exactly is Hydro One?
Hydro One is a transportation company, a ‘common carrier,’ like a railway. It does not make or consume what it carries. It hauls (‘transmits’) a commodity – electricity – on a dedicated roadway (wires) from the manufacturer (power generators) to the distributor (firms like Alectra in Mississauga, also a private sector company) who sell it to the end user.
Does Hydro One have anything to do with the retail price of electricity>
To falsely assert that Hydro One affects the retail price of electricity is like saying the trucking company that hauls your groceries to the store sets their shelf price. Asserting that the CEO’s compensation package affects electricity rates is even more ridiculous. Electricity prices are set by the independent Ontario Energy Board.
Did Ontario sell a priceless asset in Hydro One?
No. Hydro One was one of the most troubled Ontario crown corporations three years ago. Hydro One is now well-managed. Using some of Ontario’s equity in the company will help get the traffic gridlock issue in our cities alleviated and paid for. Hydro One is now a much more valuable and better-run company than it was three years ago. The last such move to make a floundering public sector transportation company private was in the mid-1990s, when CN Rail was fully privatized. Today, CN Rail is North America’s best run railway, but the Canadian taxpayer derives no continuing benefit from its profit and dividend stream. Not so with Hydro One, from which the Ontario taxpayer will continue to receive dividends as the controlling shareholder.
Did Ontario lose control of Hydro One?
No. Ontario remains the controlling shareholder in Hydro One. No other shareholder may hold more than 10 percent of Hydro One’s shares. There are nearly 598 million Hydro One shares outstanding. Ontario retains nearly half of Hydro One’s equity. No credible scenario exists to ‘out-vote’ the Province.
What about the salary of the Hydro One CEO?
The move by the Hydro One to raise its management salaries in an election year was about as tone-deaf and dumb as a private company possibly can be. Never mind that Hydro One’s management team is compensated at about the transmission industry average. Never mind that those salaries will not affect electricity rates one cent. It was just dumb. Period.
Where can I get more information>
See on Bob’s MPP web site.

Seniors Issues

A better deal for Ontario seniors

Over the past 15 years, Ontario has become the most senior-supportive place in North America. Through such initiatives as major investment in health care infrastructure, such as the successive expansions to Credit Valley Hospital and the Queensway site of Trillium Health Partners, the dramatic expansion in the numbers of doctors and nurses, and the large increases in health care operating budgets, the spectrum of care later in life has expanded.

The shingles vaccine is available free for seniors between ages 65 and 70. OHIP+ will exempt seniors from all deductibles, dispensing fees and co-payments.

Click here to see the full spectrum of senior programs for our older adults in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.

Business Financing

Targeted corporate assistance = jobs + prosperity

The Ontario PC Party again shows it has no clue how jobs are created and grown in Ontario. They propose cancelling such proven job creation programs as the Jobs and Prosperity fund, and the Next Generation of Jobs program, both of which have resulted in the creation and retention of hundreds of jobs, right here in western Mississauga.

Companies like Cyclone Manufacturing in Meadowvale, which came to Meadowvale in 2008 with 80 employees and bought an empty manufacturing plant have used Ontario’s Next Generation of Jobs program as they grew rapidly. Cyclone now owns four large manufacturing plants, employs more than 800 people, offers high-value, high-skill careers, and makes airframe parts for just about every large aircraft manufacturer in the world. Meadowvale’s fast-growing life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors have needed assistance as their new products await global approval and certification. During these times, they ‘burn through’ cash, but their products are not yet generating profits. Once their approvals by Health Canada, the Food and Drug Administration in the USA and their equivalents worldwide are done, and product sales start, life sciences companies become profitable. But without this critical ‘bridge’ financing the PC Party proposes to end, many of our cutting-edge companies would either need to be sold, close business because they had run out of cash just before their revenue stream began, or leave Ontario altogether.

Companies growing rapidly, with cutting-edge products just entering the market, are barely, if at all, profitable. All their cash is going back into their business. Cutting taxes on emerging companies that don’t pay taxes because they are just at break-even (or below) is fruitless and stupid.

Extending a hand to have Ontario put in some money, and the companies themselves put in money both satisfies their financiers, and gets them through a phase in which their earnings catch up with their growth. At that point, they can afford Ontario’s lowest-in-the-region business taxes.

Proposing a PC business tax cut means service, health care, education and infrastructure cuts for absolutely no gain whatsoever. Another reason not merely to vote for programs that have made Ontario the fastest growing region in the industrialized world, but to avoid a foreseeable PC Party disaster like the plague.


Value of your time and money

There is a lot at stake in this election: the things we need from the Province; and the directions we don’t want Ontario to go.

Elections are a function of two things from the community that elects its representative: people and money. Both are important. Both are rewarding. Both are part of getting – and keeping – good government. It’s how we give back, as Ontarians.

  • Campaign volunteers get to do something important and interesting, meet some neighbours you otherwise would not, connect with what matters in our community, have some fun, be treated well, and enjoy an interesting month on the campaign;
  • Campaign donors put fuel into the engine of victory. The Ontario Political Tax Credit reimburses you most of your donation when you file your income tax return next year.

Campaign volunteers

Campaign volunteers are special people. Here’s what we do together:

  • Identify voters who have made up their mind to support Bob, and help them get out and vote;
  • Manage our lawn signs by putting them up and maintaining them;
  • Canvass our neighbourhoods in person, or on the telephone.
  • If you are a mature adult, with time in the afternoons and evenings, or are able to join us for some of our early morning commuter events, we need you;
  • Have a truck, and/or want to help us install and maintain our signs? Are you a good planner with an eye for detail? Join our sign crew.

Our team on the telephone is the source of our precious information on who is supporting Bob. Here is where we put our best talent. Our best people are intelligent, mature adults with an affinity for people.

Call us. The phone number is (905) 542-3725, better known as (905) LIBERAL. Ask for Campaign Manager Tom Lewis or Volunteer Coordinator Monika Duggal.

Campaign donors

Corporate and big labour money has been out of politics for two years. All our donors are individuals now. The tax system makes donations easier by offering you a tax credit, in effect a partial rebate of most of your contribution. See the chart at right.

  1. Drop into the Campaign Office and make a donation. See the address at the bottom of this page. Lots of people are visiting us with an encouraging word, and their cheque book;
  2. Mail us a donation. Make your cheque payable to Bob Delaney Campaign, and mail it to:
    Mississauga-Streetsville PLA
    P.O. Box 21042, Meadowvale RPO
    Mississauga ON L5N 6A2;
  3. Use your credit card, and make a secure donation on the Ontario Liberal Party web site. Make sure you are donating to the Mississauga-Streetsville riding. Click this link to make your donation.

It is a pivotal time in Ontario. Your time and your money will determine what direction our future takes. Let’s get together, and win another election!

Voting Options

Special and accessible voting

Your vote is special. Do you need help to get to a polling place? Will you be away on election day, and need to vote in advance? Are you unable to get to a voting place, and need a special ballot to come to you? Are you, or is someone you know, eligible to vote in this Ontario election, living abroad, and need to cast a ballot?

Getting to the ballot

  • You have to option of casting your ballot before election day. Advance voting takes place at our Mississauga-Streetsville Returning Office. The Mississauga-Streetsville returning office is at 1525 Cuthbert Avenue (the former St. Dunstan Catholic School). Contact: 1-866-597-9403;
  • Advance voting runs between Saturday May 26, and Wednesday May 30, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you need a ride to the polls, call us at (905) 542-3725;
  • Accessible voting takes place between Saturday May 26 and Wednesday June 6 at the Mississauga-Streetsville Returning Office. If you have mobility issues, call us, or call the the Returning Office.

Getting the ballot to you

  • Eligible voters in Mississauga-Streetsville can now apply to receive a special ballot. This means that if you are, for example, confined to a home or other location due to mobility issues, and wish to vote, the ballot can come to you. There will be more information here shortly;
  • If you need the ballot box to visit you because of medical or mobility issues, call us at (905) 542-3725 for assistance or more information.

Getting on the Voters List

Tuesday May 29 is the last day to get on the Voters List using e-Registration.

Hospital funding

New hospital funding = promises kept

As a result of the 2017-18 Ontario Budget surplus, the Province has been able to provide more funding to our Trillium Health Partners hospitals to serve us from their three locations: Credit Valley; Queensway; and Sherway Gardens is a big part of MPPs’ ongoing advocacy. Ontario’s Budget surplus brought the ability to invest in the health care sector with an additional $22.8 million right here in Mississauga. Click the video for more details.

Trillium Health Partners, for the upcoming 2018-19 fiscal year, will receive an additional:

  • $12.8 million in non-targeted funds, to use to meet rising day-to-day costs, growth funding, and to fund additional procedures;
  • $9.9 million in targeted funds, with includes wait-time funding; priority programs and services; post-construction operating plans; and quality-based procedures.

This means increased Emergency Department volume; more nurses and physiotherapy procedures; longer clinic and MRI hours. It also means more ability to meet next year’s salaries, buy supplies used in the hospitals, pay utility bills, and ensure the hospital staff have all the tools, instruments and supplies they need to treat us when we go to the Credit Valley, Queensway or Sherway sites for treatment.

The 2018-19 budget supplied to Trillium Health Partners by the Province, (i.e. not including the funds from its Foundation and from other sources) will be $767 million.

Cautionary tale

Avoiding a foreseeable race to the bottom

Here is a cautionary tale for Ontarians from the New York Times about two ‘failed states.’ These are not African or Asian broken countries run by local dictators. These two failed states are in the United States: Kansas and Louisiana.

  • Both bought into the tax cut = prosperity nonsense being peddled here in Ontario;
  • Both states were bamboozled into a belief that slashing taxes would somehow spark an economic boom, and expand the state economy, which of course never happened;
  • Both Kansas and Louisiana saw their state revenues plunge;
  • Both states cut education, social and health programs that benefit lower and middle income earners;
  • Neither state was able to invest in essential infrastructure: roads, bridges, schools, energy; post-secondary education;
  • In both states, the wealthy took the tax cut money and ran.

How did it all work out?

In middle-America Kansas, the state legislature came to its senses, and undid the tax cuts to restore some of its ability to provide services and maintain infrastructure. Kansas is slowly recovering.

Louisiana remains mired in state legislative gridlock. This week, the Louisiana state governor ordered some 100 of the state’s bridges closed permanently because they are now hazardous, and in danger of collapse.

Read for yourself

Stuff we need

Your extra stuff = our essentials

What’s taking up space in your basement, your garage, your office or your storage area?  It could be exactly what we need to equip our Campaign Office and our people as we wage our 2018 election campaign in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.

Our Campaign Office is in Meadowvale. Click or touch here for location and contact details. Please phone first before bringing anything in.

Click or touch here for a list of what our election campaign normally uses.

  • If you have furniture or equipment we need, and would like to lend it to us, we’ll take good care of it, tag it as yours, and return it right after the election;
  • If what we need is something you can give to us, and its value is measurable, we will give you a tax receipt, valid for your 2018 income tax return next year. It is based on the fair-and-reasonable value of what we use or borrow from you.

For information, call Campaign Manager Tom Lewis at (905) 542-3725 That is (905) LIBERAL on a telephone keypad.